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What to Expect

What to Expect

Have you thought about returning to church services, or perhaps you are looking for more truth in your walk with God? Maybe you are new to the community and are looking for a new church family and home. Then you might want to know what to expect up front--saving time and energy, something all of us like to maximize.

Our Worship Services


When you enter our assembly you will find we worship God the Father with vocal music praise only. WE HAVE MUSIC--it is called Acapella (a capella). Acapella is an Italian word and literally means "according to the style of the chapel." It had this designation since music written for the chapels (smaller churches) did not use instrumental accompaniment. 

Biblical & Theological Truth

Lord's Supper, or Eucharist

The Apostolic pattern, thus the witness of the New Testament, records the regular observance and memorial of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus on the first day of the week. We observe this memorial with fruit of the vine (grape juice without additional leavening agents) and with unleavened bread. You can read more in depth consideration of this topic here.